HTA marine electric actuator

It is used for valves in the piping system of the ocean going vessel.

Moreover, the system control enables more accurate open and close angles, flow analysis, andthe BLDC motor is used for high efficiency, low energy consumption and eco-friendliness.

HTC all-purpose electric actuator

It is used to control agricultural, industrial and firefighting water pipes.

Concise control system ON/OFF ANALOG and the BLDC motor can be used to adjust multi-angle positioning sitting.


As the technology advances, unmanned vehicles will replace the manpower eventually.

They will be indispensable in the future life. Haitima provides the HDA propelling unit actuator, which controls the unmanned vehicle via the communication system and allows it to do its job.

Now, the HDA propelling unit actuator has been applied in the remotely operated underwater vehicle (ROV) and automated guided vehicle.

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